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The Elder by Riptor25
The Elder
To commemorate the anniversary of a long and exciting campaign in Star Wars Saga Edition RPG, and as a birthday present, I made this hilt for a friend. Representing the elderly Fosh Jedi who acted as the delinquent player's moral compass, this hilt was made with many of the older and more worn pieces I could find to represent the old bird it belongs to in-game. The hodge-podge hilt consists of an ancient sink drain tube from when our college was replacing sinks (the maintenance guys were so happy that I took all their sink tubes so they didn't have to deal with them), the bulb holder of an old flashlight for the emitter, a wooden ring from Hobby Lobby, a few 1" O-clamps below the button, a 1" connector (my favorite handle these days), and finally the endcap to an old curtain rod. I can't even begin to guess how much this cost....somewhere below $1.00 to be sure.
The Club by Riptor25
The Club
I kinda consider this the counterpart to The Spike. Whereas the spike was light with a pommel that stood out, this one has some very robust metal parts, and it's prominent feature is the very heavy emitter. Different lightsabers for different fighting styles, I guess! Anyway, this one is made out of a sink drain extension tube, with the tube's endcap tightened around a sink drain stopper for the pommel. The handle is a 1" pipe fitting, the neck is a 1" to 1/2" converter with an electrical tube endcap connecting it to the emitter, which is another, heavier electrical endcap. This one was a bit pricier, coming in at around 12 dollars all total. Some sanding was required to get the converter onto the extension tube, but aside from that, this is probably the quickest and easiest DIY lightsaber I've made.
The Spike by Riptor25
The Spike
Probably the lightest of all my lightsaber designs thusfar, this one was made using a Malibu light's stem as the main body, a black plumbing fitting and grey plumbing sink end as the emitter, a section of vacuum hose as the handgrip, and a spike-like thing that I found in our junk drawer as the pommel. The switch on this one doesn't work, though. I had to grind it against a rounded piece of sandpaper to get it to fit snugly against the Malibu stem, then just super glued it on. Still, like I said, this thing is super light!
The Dueler by Riptor25
The Dueler
Taking a cue from Count Dooku's lightsaber, I wanted to make at least one curve-hilt or "dueling" lightsaber hilt. This one was pretty simple, with not too much flair on it (though just finding stuff that would work was the tricky part). I used a metal curved handle from an old vacuum cleaner (already had the slots cut into the end which adds a nice touch), four O-rings, a sink plug for the simple endcap, and a neoprene hand grip from an extendable paint roller. I think the paint roller cost the most, though I did get TWO handgrips out of it. All total this guy was a bit more spendy, coming in at around 12 bucks total.
The Twins by Riptor25
The Twins
A pair of lightsabers I made using some very shiny chrome sink tubes. I had gotten them as a pair, and figured it was worth it to keep them together. The handles were a couple of 1" PVC plumbing pieces that fit juuuust perfectly on the tubes, and then I took the chrome caps and glued them on the end of each saber, giving them a neat wing-like design. Finally I added these cog-like pieces at the top of each for a fancy looking emitter. Not pictured are the activation buttons that were installed in the raised parts after this photo was taken.
I reeaally apologize for my complete lack of being here. I have some boring updates on life; new well-paying job, newfound fascination with LEGOs, and new work on some projects.

Work is great and I enjoy talking with people all day and playing with the cash register, but that's boring. Moving on!

In terms of LEGO, there's this game that has appeared called Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. The jist of it is that you build companies of "frames" (read mecha) and assign certain abilities to them depending on weapons, systems, and armor you give them, then battle it out with a friend. As your frame takes damage, it loses systems and your opponent gets to mercilessly rip them off of your frame until it is just a pile of pieces. It's really fun, and just fun to build. The rules are free to download too! (though you can buy it to help support them)

We're within spitting distance of finishing the rough draft of Digimon: Encounters, and Nemonus has already had the chance to create a character! Using her as our guinea pig, we can make a few on-the-fly changes and tweaks to character creation to smooth out the process. Overall, things are looking good! And as always, we gladly accept help any of you are willing to contribute. 

And speaking of contributors, I would like to thank those who have already offered their abilities in this project. You guys are awesome:
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