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Mengoor's Lament V. 1-3 :iconriptor25:Riptor25 3 2 Wrecked AT-AT Model :iconriptor25:Riptor25 4 3 The Opus :iconriptor25:Riptor25 1 0 STAR WARS SoroSuub GunTug starboat :iconriptor25:Riptor25 2 0 Bit - Order of St. Elsa Founder character card :iconriptor25:Riptor25 1 0 Bit - Order of St. Elsa Founder miniature :iconriptor25:Riptor25 2 0 The Sheath :iconriptor25:Riptor25 1 0 The Tower :iconriptor25:Riptor25 1 2 The Elder :iconriptor25:Riptor25 3 0 The Club :iconriptor25:Riptor25 2 0 The Spike :iconriptor25:Riptor25 2 5 The Dueler :iconriptor25:Riptor25 2 0 The Twins :iconriptor25:Riptor25 4 2 The Leatherbound :iconriptor25:Riptor25 1 17
STAR WARS: Trials of Knighthood CH3
Having agreed with Teelo the Hutt to have the rare Vornskr transported to the Dusty Gizka ahead of them, the trio of padawans began their trek through the other stalls on their level, perusing and trying to find anything that might be useful. Unfortunately, aside from some wiring, and other mundane pieces, there was nothing to be found.
Bit gave an electronic sigh, which caused Coram to scoff in response. "What are you sighing about?” he asked tersely. “You got your pet. We're the ones who only managed lens material from that Hutt."
Bit turned to the Cathar, peering over Nokturne's masked head. He was just about to give a witty response, when he felt a sudden surge of anger in the Force. Coram and Nokturne seemed to notice as well, both freezing in their tracks and looking around for its source.
Silencing his thoughts, Bit focused on it. What was causing such a wave of darkness? He stretched out with his feelings, searching for its source. He realized that any planet
:iconriptor25:Riptor25 2 3
The Double-decker :iconriptor25:Riptor25 1 3


Kabutomon :icongelopsychedelico:gelopsychedelico 8 0 DeviGatomon :icongelopsychedelico:gelopsychedelico 8 0
Hey DA peeps! I got a bunch of free time and no money, and I need to buy a laptop!
That means I'll be doing commissions! 
If you want a drawing of your original character, robot, alien, furry, anthropomorphic sandwich, or any kind of fan art, HIT ME UP!
Line art is $15 for single character, $25 for two characters. Full color is $25 for a single character, $35 for two characters. I'm open to negotiate for more characters or other features!
:iconryan-rhodes:Ryan-Rhodes 3 2
New Commission Info
Wow okay I've needed this for a while.
:bulletgreen:Commissions are currently open!:bulletgreen:
Pixel icons are currently NOT OPEN! 
$5/500 :points:

Fullbody Painterly Style
$8/800 :points:

Simple Background Painterly Style
$10/1000 :points:

Full Picture
$10/1000 :points:
Sparkles (DTA) by starridgeA Side of Paca for your Coffee? by starridgeStarry Night Stroll by starridge
Full Picture Painterly Style
$15/1500 :points:
Bill Cipher by starridgePearl Screenshot Redraw by starridgeSnowflakes [Art Fight #1] by starridgeHikari by starridge

Pixel Icon
$5/500 :points: (+$3/300 :
:iconstarridge:starridge 2 4
The Mechanist of Mutanda- MD-86 :iconmyriagonic:Myriagonic 26 6 Battlemasters of Balmorra- Khit and Sheraiha :iconmyriagonic:Myriagonic 11 0 'Knight of Nalros' VX-5/10 Gunship :iconmyriagonic:Myriagonic 9 0 The Exodus :icontrinity-dragon:Trinity-Dragon 5 2 Pillamon Evolution Line (Colored) :icontrinity-dragon:Trinity-Dragon 1 0 Pyromon Evolution Line (Colored) :icontrinity-dragon:Trinity-Dragon 3 0 Demidramon Evolution Line :icontrinity-dragon:Trinity-Dragon 2 0 DTJ: Tayte and Kiritmon app :icondreadedmerpeople:dreadedMerpeople 13 13 DTJ APP: Tayte Weatherly and Kiritmon :icondreadedmerpeople:dreadedMerpeople 10 8 Overwatch Hoodie Designs! :iconprathik:prathik 2,769 294 Bimru: Crystal Scorpion :iconuluri:Uluri 21 3 (R #7) Reen-Esi 'Renesi' Majori :iconadvantixx:Advantixx 5 5

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Mengoor's Lament V. 1-3
Mengoor and Cra'adug. Brothers of the Hive. Together they played a dangerous game beneath Oryx's gaze; feeding each other strength horded from what their Taken King deemed his. Now they are forever cursed, but also honored. That is the way of the Hive...and their King. ~ Eris

Verse 1:1 Thresholds
The Court summons us. Mengoor is come. At his side the mighty Cra'adug. Brothers and Knights and Murderers. This is the account of our ancient folly. Pay heed to the words of Mengoor, for his King is Darkness embodied.

At last we give fight to the Harmony. We ravage their ships and they curse us. We eat of their light and tithe it to Oryx. Yet, we still hunger. In the empty void between spheres we wait, searching for that abomination which escapes the The First Navigator's roving gaze.

We fight and eat and starve for a hundred years. Mengoor with precision. Cra'adug with brute strength. Finally, Oryx and Savathun and Xivu Arath, our sister gods, slay those who oppose us. 

My brother hungers. He tithes to the Taken King and has none for himself. Is starvation how we serve our King? I devise a plan at the threshold of the tenth sphere.

We near the Gift Mast, the testament to the Traveler's sins. Oryx has devastated Harmony worlds. We follow as krill caught in his wake. The Harmony despairs. We prove the sword-logic to their priests. Yet, I commit to treason at the threshold of the fifth sphere.

Cra'adug, you starve yet you fight on. You fast and fight eternally. I watch as you prove your loyalty as the Ecumene proved their extinction. I cannot remain idle. I will not stay my hand. At the threshold of Ana-Harmony and its Gift Mast, I speak.

"Brother," I proffer, "Your hunger consumes you as it once consumed our King. Come, I will show you loyalty that Oryx knows not. See, I tithe to you strength gained by my sword as I cleave our enemies. And now you, tithe to me those that your weapon reduces to ash. By this we become strong, and your hunger is sated. Our God does not notice such small tithes lost. Oryx knows not of our dereliction. See we are upon the Mast, and our King has granted us to eat. Let us drink deep of the Gift Mast, and again tithe to each other two of five parts, that we might grow strong."

Verse 1:2 The Mighty Oryx Descends
Mengoor's Lament
Woe to Mengoor. Woe to Cra'adug. Our God has seen our treachery, Oryx has heard our whispers. The Taken King descends. He descends to bring punishment, swift and just.

Oryx's Wrath
Where are your tithes, brother knights? I offer generosity for tearing down the Traveler's light, yet what is mine has been greedily kept away. Would a thousand years in the Pit be just? Should I starve you as you sought to starve me? Had you the strength of Xivu Arath, you might stand against me. Had you the cunning of Savathun, you might have hidden this deed from me. 

Mengoor's Bargain
Oryx, our King, sword-logic incarnate, I offer my blade for eternity. Let my tithing increase two-fold, that you may take what is rightfully yours. 

Oryx's Punishment
Sterile Mengoor! Your loyalty and betrayal shall not go unnoticed, and shall be recorded everlasting in Verse. You whisper to your brother as a worm whispers to your God. I curse you with this. You will tithe both sides of your blade to me, so that you might understand true hunger. Know that I am Oryx.

Cra'adug's Plea
King and God and Navigator, I know this hunger. It has been mine across the ages. Do not leave my brother to this fate.

Oryx's Benevolence
Simple Cra'adug! You plead for he who has brought my wrath upon you. Yet, I know your loyalty to me. I take you, that you might have power, and arm you with fire, that you might bring ruin to my enemies. Through your strength alone, shall you feed both you and your brother. But I will take only the great light, that light of the Traveler. I make you two of my Court, that you shall fight in my name as those who would challenge me are only of the great light.

Yet, I pronounce another curse on you as brethren. Your bond made you strong, so I shall make it your weakness. Together you shall fight, yet aiding your kin shall guarantee your defeat. I am Oryx, your Taken King.

Verse 1:3 Brotherhood

The gate opens, His Court calls us to session. The glowing blight, those who hold the light of the Traveler approach. Cra'adug, gird yourself with flame even as I ready my blade. We shall give Oryx his tithe.

Their numbers are few, and Oryx has blessed us with acolyte and thrall. They rely on teamwork to stay alive. I have slain them and feel nothing, I kill and am not sated. My brother cares for my hunger.

Yet no more does Cra'adug speak, though I sense a part of him has not fully been taken by our God and King of whom I dare not betray. Cra'adug cannot disobey. Yet he still seeks to protect me.

I press advantage against the wielders of light. I move as the Hive moves; never ceasing. But they are swift. They dodge my blows, evade my strikes. They surround me, though they cannot break my shield. They swarm me, even as my silent brother watches.

Simple Cra'adug! You see me in danger and come to my aid! Your concern brings me grief. I feel my shield weaken even as I watch yours do the same. You come closer, and I feel weakened. You draw near and my strength ebbs. I try to escape your aid, but the Traveler's pawns see our fatal curse. They prey on our bond, baiting and luring you to help me.

I watch as they attack, watch as you are whittled down and sent swirling back to that Other Place. You no longer speak, but I see one word on your mouth as you tumble into blackness; "BROTHER".

I carve these verses onto my soul even as I crumble. I record this warning in the Court where I gnash my teeth. Betray Oryx at your own peril. Learn from Cra'adug, and from Mengoor, and from that other betrayer, Uruk-al. Through eternity, all belongs to Oryx. All shall bow to the will of the Taken King.

After binging on Grimoire card lore from Destiny: The Taken King, I felt that some characters needed some more background than just a few sentences. I settled on Mengoor and Cra'adug; a pair of bosses that you can summon to fight in the Court of Oryx. Having written Mengoor's tale of his betrayal and punishment, I felt that some fan-art was also needed. I used Alchemy, a strange but fun art program with no Undo button that uses your mouse's movements to determine shapes. With a bit of practice, I managed to make both Mengoor (the pink one) and Cra'adug (the black one).
Ive been lazy and procrastinating when I should be contacting artists for commissions... :P
After several years of on-again off-again work, Trinity-Dragon and I have completed our supplement book for the Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game. It's a project that was originally based around the adventures of TD, myself and FantomX as we ran though a campaign of epic proportions throughout college and beyond. We started as Jedi Padawans, became Knights, went on to be outcasts, then started our own Force tradition that the book gets its namesake. The Order of St. Elsa Handbook covers all kinds of content from the fringes of the galaxy, introducing new Prestige Classes, Feats, Force Powers, and gives alternate rules for creating an animal companion for your character. We've even included a short adventure stub for players to enjoy. All of this is going to be put online, free for anyone. We didn't start this to make money, but to continue and expand upon the Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game.

There is only one last thing we need before we begin final editing and eventual release...we need ART! So now comes the part where I scour dA, looking for deviant artists with reasonably-priced commissions available. If you know of anyone, or would like to be commissioned (or donate art out of the goodness of your heart lol), then please let me know in the comments. 

In other news, our other endeavor, Digimon Encounters, is in its first bout of playtesting, and the info we get through actual players will allow us to revise anything that needs it, as well as polishing features that need it. Exciting times!
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Personal Quote: I'LL BLOW YOUR SLAGGIN' HEADS OFF!! ~ Optimus Primal

this is the best stamp ever by NemonusI +FAV BOMB by auxeruMy name is Luke by JediSenshi


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